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Municipal election 2014: Candidates for Mayor

Ted Comiskey Tim Lobzun

As your mayor, I wish to express how privileged I have been to represent our community over the past four years. I have not and will not take lightly the trust you have placed in me. I am a fifth generation member of the Comiskey family to live and work in Ingersoll since the early 1830s. I have held positions in industrial management for more than 35 years. I have also been an active member of this community supporting over 30 nonprofit and charitable organizations. I am one of the founding members of Canterbury Folk Festival and remain artistic director after 15 years. My father was very involved in local politics and I am sure I gained my interest from his example. I began working on town committees including the Strategic Plan and I chaired the Cultural Arts Committee. I never really had plans on running for an elected office until my community involvement made me realize I had something more to offer. Upon being elected mayor in 2010, I was faced with a declining financial situation in which our expenses were not in keeping with our revenue. In my opinion, this was holding Ingersoll back from reaching its full potential. We were faced with industrial tax reassessment, legal costs from expropriation, reduced provincial funding and increasing policing costs. Our reserves were depleted and there was no plan on how we were to maintain our infrastructure and fund future capital needs. By finding efficiencies in municipal operations and eliminating unnecessary spending we are now on track to recovery. I was very active with the provincial Mayors? Coalition on reducing policing costs resulting in a savings to Ingersoll in the hundreds of thousands of dollars over the next four years alone. This will help us to bring our taxes back in line with our neighbouring municipalities. We still have a lot of work ahead. We need to discuss boundary adjustment with our neighbouring townships to enable us to gain much-needed residential, commercial and industrial lands. We must further streamline our services to help lower our levy and encourage growth. We need to be creative in attracting developers to assist in affordable housing solutions for our senior population. Without delay, we need to begin planning with community partners for the future needs of our community and recreational facilities. The landfill must be stopped. We must continue our legal fight and continue to lobby the provincial ministries to impress upon them that Ingersoll and Oxford County is not the place for such an unwelcome venture. I am committed to ensuring that the health of our citizens and the quality of life in Ingersoll is a priority. Mayor Comiskey ?Addressing Today for a Responsible Tomorrow?. My platform is based on the letters INGERSOLL Innovative Government ? Complaining to other government levels without providing a solution is called whining. As mayor, we will develop our own ways and means to provide the services and infrastructure with a decided culture shift in how we do that and the sharing of information both financial and legislative with employees and ratepayers to have a 0% mill rate increase in 2015. No Mega Landfill in Oxford. After 28 months, not one legislative initiative from Ingersoll council or county council has been passed to cause Walker to flinch. As mayor, I will reintroduce the initiatives from OPAL and myself to install those road blocks to this abomination in our town and at the county. The Minister for the MOECC will eat this problem every day for breakfast. Growth that is sustainable and it does not include Walmart. We need commercial growth to replace the 30,000 sq ft we have lost and we need to look at how we can use existing plazas. Example: Food Basics, upgraded Beer and LCBO, Better hours. We also need new apartments. Warehouses have a low impact on services but higher taxes. We have 100 acres on the 401 and we can solar power their roofs. Education that works ? We have a deficit in logistics folks and for training, folks have to go out of town. Imagine being able to get your fork lift licence and practical experience and even getting paid to do it? How about truck driving? Logistics coordinator? We have no higher education courses other than the hydro line technician training? Can IDCI graduate folks directly in to employment? Recreation for All ? There are many ways to do this without overburdening the taxpayer. Some work is already started. Our Safe Cycling Committee will likely add trails to its mandate in 2015. The river may become our shortcut through town and we can add trails to CAMI from Whiting street. Secure Financial Future for Ingersoll ? We spend a lot of money on services that may be better done by another entity. We need to get out of the land business and get that capital back to work. As mayor, I will be asking for a volunteer financial committee from the area to assist council with budgeting. Fewer consultants, more input from council staff and residents. Oxford West Partnership ? We can create a new entity in Oxford with SW Oxford and Zorra so we can prosper together and meet the future economic development challenges. Logistics ? We need a Food and Trade Terminal open to wholesalers to serve the needs of retailers in SW Ontario. This would give small manufacturers of food and other goods a low cost way to market and distribute their goods. No tax dollars will be harmed. Location ? We need to leverage our location to the area for jobs ? for tourism ? for agribusiness and for future residents. Celebrate the past ? Create the future ? visit TimLobzun- for more info ? Vote Tim Lobzun for Mayor

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