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Nurse practitioner-led clinic considered a success

TARA BOWIE For the Ingersoll Times Two years and more than 2,100 patients later Ingersoll?s nurse practitioner-led clinic (NPLC) is being hailed a success. The two-storey clinic works with a whole host of community groups to offer a comprehensive medical plan for patients. Currently the unique clinic is in a period of transition with Jennifer Grant stepping in as lead nurse practitioner after prior lead Shelly Redman left the organization recently. ?We have a really good team here. It?s a

?This is a one-stop shop.?

Lisa Longworth, community service co-ordinator and addictions counselor supportive and collaborative group and I want to continue with that,? Grant said. After 20 years working as a nurse in a variety of hospital settings, she knew she needed a change. She first worked in nurse practitionerled clinics in aboriginal communities in northern Ontario. ?I didn?t feel like I had enough knowledge so I came back to sharpen my skills,? she said. ?Shelly had called me to tell she got the funding for this clinic and wanted to know if I was interested in working here. She was really enthused and excited about it. It seemed like a good fit for me.? Grant wants to continue growing community partnerships so patients can have access to more programming and services on-site. Since opening in 2012, the unique clinic has worked with its clients to create individual health teams with the patient being the most important member. ?The patient or client really knows themselves the best. They know when they aren?t feeling well. They are the first one to know when something isn?t right,? Lisa Longworth, community service co-ordinator and addictions counselor said. Community partnerships have been forged with Woodstock and Area Community Community Health Centre, Ontario Early Years, Addiction Services Thames Valley, Canadian Mental Health Association Oxford, Children?s Aid Society and other groups. The partnerships compliment skill sets the clinic?s nurse practitioners bring including chronic disease management, diabetic educator, smoking cessation, and even certified personal trainer. ?Everyone wears multiple hats,? Longworth said. ?This is a one-stop shop. Say for example someone is experiencing chronic pain in their knee, and it?s determined they need to lose weight before they could have any kind of surgery. We have gym with a personal trainer that can help devise a workout program specifically for you. ?Many people who are overweight are also having problems with blood sugar and we have a diabetic educator on staff that can help you with that.? The clinic is the only one of its kind in Oxford County and is one of just 25 throughout the province. Funded by the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care, the clinic staffing levels are four nurse practitioners, a collaborating physician, three registered practical nurses, an addiction counselor, an addiction counselor/community service co-ordinator, business administrator and two receptionists. Currently, because of the lead nurse practitioner transition, the clinic is down one NP, causing about a four-month delay for first appointments for new patients. ?That?s the first wait list we?ve had and it?s not because we can?t take new patients, it?s just that we are down one nurse practitioner,? she said. The facility includes an on-site lab, two pediatric-specific exam rooms, eight regular patient exam rooms, a treatment room, administration space, a gym, addictions counselling space and a community room. The clinic is open Monday 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday from 8:30 a.m. to 8:30 p.m. and Fridays 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. TARA BOWIE For the Ingersoll Times Jennifer Grant is the new lead nurse practitioner at the Ingersoll nurse pratitioner-led clinic on King Street in Ingersoll.

Zorra TV and Appliances a ?destination Fun Store?

TARA BOWIE For the Ingersoll Times He can remember going on maintenance calls with his dad when a simple swap of a vacuum tube would fix a television. Joe Hough, the second generation owner of Zorra TV and Appliances remembers fondly the early days of his dad, Harry Hough?s business. ?I had five sisters and no brothers. Joining the family business was a predestined thing with me. I worked after school everyday and helped put in a lot of television antennas,? Joe said. ?When you think about it, a lot has changed. When my dad started it was black and white vacuum tube. When I got out of school it was colour transistors.? The Hough family began in the appliances sales and repair business in 1967, when Harry Hough, established Hough Radio and TV Repair in Embro in 1967. Harry moved the business to its unique location and changed its name in 1975. The store, located on Hwy. 2 about 10 kilometres west of Woodstock, was built in an old truck stop that used to facilitate the truck traffic caused by LaFarge just down the road. Harry and his wife Dorothy retro-fitted the building to be a showroom for new stock and lived in the home behind the business with their family. Joe, who now lives in the house behind the business, calls the location ?a blessing and a curse.? ?We have a lot of loyal customers. Farmers tend to be very loyal and supportive of local business. We?re

?People are serious about buying when they walk in the door here.?

Joe Hough, owner considered a destination store,? he said. ?We?re nicely located. Not too far from Woodstock, Ingersoll, Thamesford and even London, but we have no street traffic. People are serious about buying when they walk in the door here.? After high school, Joe went to Fanshawe College for electronics technician. He took over the business in 1990. To this day TVs, appliances, installations and maintenance remain key part of the business. Diversifying product lines and service have contributed to the success of the business. For about 25 years starting in 1979, satellite dishes were a large part of the business. During that time period, dishes went from approximately 10-feet in size offering 40 analogue channels to being about 18 inches in size and receiving 300 digital channels. In 1999, Zorra TV and Appliances was the largest independent retailers of Star Choice satellites systems in Canada. ?We?re a country store. We were very fortunate, everyone wanted a satellite dish,? he said. When Star Choice was sold, Zorra became a retailer of Xplorenet wireless high speed Internet and the very first Xplorenet tower was installed in Embro on the fire hall. ?That?s kind of our claim to fame,? he said. In the mid 1990s, Hough also diversified the product line from televisions and accessories to hot tubs. ?There turned out to be a big market for them,? he said. ?It wasn?t a big leap. We sell big screen TVs, sat- QMI AGENCY PHOTO Lisa and Joe Hough, owners of Zorra TV and Appliances stand in the hot tub room of the store that has been serving the community for decades. ellites. We?re known as the Fun Store and hot tubs fall in line with that.? The store carries at least 10 models at all times and will be adding an athletic swimming spa line later this year. The store sells a variety of fridges, stoves, dishwashers, new and used. A variety of TVs, stereos, accessories for movie rooms including furniture are all sold at the store. ?The big thing is that we do installations. If you?re going to spend a lot of money on a television system or stereo system you want it to look good and setup correctly. Our staff does that,? he said. Although diversification and quality products have always been important, Zorra TV and Appliances also prides itself on customer service. ?The philosophy of this business since the beginning I think is to be honest and give the customers good service. And I don?t think that has changed.?

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